Welcome to the TOCB website!

NOTICE of our website’s change in focus:  It takes more time and effort to keep up a website than I can give at this time.   And, there are other ways to accomplish more.  So, here is what I am doing, thanks to the suggestions of Cris White and others – focusing on our Facebook page, which is www.facebook.com/groups/takingourcountryback.  Find us and “like” us on facebook and then you can be a news reporter also.  When you find news items or info you want to share, post it on the website.  This way we don’t depend on one person to pass along information, but we can all do it. 

This will allow this website to be a resource for deeper research through the links to the right and the menu line above.   If anyone who would like to help maintain the research portion of the website, please e-mail me at randy@takingourcountryback.net.

Following is a list of websites and/or newsletters to check regularly:
The Drudge Report
The Blaze
Breitbart News Network
The Red State Morning Briefing
Michelle Malkin
Newsbusters by Media Research Center
Townhall (get their daily political cartoon e-mail, it is good)

If you have a favorite site you would like to see added, send an e-mail to Randy. For a more complete list, see the bottom of The Drudge Report.


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